Work Package 5


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The goal of the WP5 is to analyse the different factors affecting the choice of a particular species to create animal models for biomedical and toxicological research. To reach this aim this WP will initially map the overall use of different animal species as experimental models in EU, and will identify possible differences among Member States in the use of different species. Then, the possible effect of the Directive and other factors (public pressure, personal ethical standards, methodological traditions...) will be analysed.


Currently, the paticipants in this work package are busy writing up the first publications on their findings.


WP5 is chaired by Augusto Vitale, Istituto Superiore di Sanitá -ISS, Rome, Italy. He can be contacted via For more information on the people behind this work package click here.

What is animal model?:

Current related activities of WP5 members:

  • A questionnaire was developed to assess how scientists from different Member States contribute to animal research and how their opinions and attitudes influence the practice of animal experimentation  It has been sent out by workpackage 5 to researchers in 10 different member states. The first results will be presented at the final ANIMPACT conference on December 8th in Brussels. The questionnaire can be viewed here.
  • Laura Fasano finished her Bachelor thesis Fish, rat or monkey? - The factors that influence the choice of model species in biomedical research. The full thesis (in Italian) can be found here. An English abstract can be viewed here.