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Peter Sandøe has been professor of bioethics at the University of Copenhagen since 1997. He was educated in philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Oxford (D.Phil. 1988). Since 1990 the major part of his research has been within bioethics with particular emphasis on ethical issues related to animals, biotechnology and food production. He is committed to interdisciplinary work combining perspectives from natural science, social sciences and philosophy.


Sandøe, P & Christiansen SB (2008): Ethics of animal use. Chichester: Blackwell Publishing.

Lund TB, Lassen J & Sandøe P (2012): Public attitude formation regarding animal researchAnthrozoos 25 (4): 475-490.

Lund TB, Mørkbak MR, Lassen J & Sandøe P (in press): Painful dilemmas - A study of the way the public’s assessment of animal research balances costs to animals against human benefitsPublic Understanding of Science. Published online 3 Aug 2012. DOI: 10.1177/0963662512451402.


Jesper Lassen's main interest is research into the interface between science, technology and society with particular focus on issues in relation to food and animals. He studies human-animal relations with a particular focus on uses of animals in agricultural production and as animal models. Jesper Lassen  usees primarily qualitative sociological methods such as interviews when studying these issues. 


Anna Olsson is a researcher in animal welfare and animal research ethics at the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology, Porto, Portugal. She was trained as an animal scientist and did her PhD in ethology (both at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). Anna Olsson is the ANIMPACT coordinator and leads WP3 (ethical issues).


Sandra Silva has an MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology and previously worked as research assistant in a science and society research project; currently, she is working at IBMC as research assistant in WP3 and WP6 of the ANIMPACT project.